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Bansal Global Hospital celebrated the 71st Independence Day of India on August 15, 2017. The flag was hoisted by the Chairman, Dr. Suresh Bansal in the presence of all other doctors and staff of the BGH family. The hospital takes pride in how the country won its independence with the determination and sacrifice by not only the great leaders of India, but every common man who participated in the Independence struggle. We are immensely respectful towards the families who lost their members in the revolution. On this day, we remember everyone and pay our regards and gratitude for the difficulties of the time which made it possible for us to live in today’s free India. On this Independence Day, we pledge to do our part to make India free from diseases and illnesses as well. We understand our responsibility towards the society and constantly strive to reach our goal of making India disease free. Help us reach our goal by keeping a check of your surroundings and motivating people to get medical help at earlier stages to avoid severe situations. Bansal Globas Hospital wishes 70 years of Independence to all! Stay free, stay healthy! Jai Hind!
what we can do to ensure mosquito free surroundings What can you do? As all these diseases root from mosquitoes, the main task is to bar it from reaching you. Though it’s quite impossible to be sure that you are free from mosquitoes everywhere, there are a few points you should remember to make sure you do your part. Let’s have a look on what we can do to ensure mosquito free surroundings: • Use mosquito repellents at home, especially after the sunset when mosquitoes are most active. Dengue mosquitoes bite during the day so it’s most practical to be on alert then as well. • For infants or small kids, continuous exposure to repellents can be harmful. Use mosquito nets for them and keep them dresses in full sleeves clothes. • Dry your coolers or regularly clean it with a spoonful of kerosene or other mosquito repellent oils available in the market. • Don’t let water collect in pots or old tyres/utensils on your rooftop or abandoned part of the house. • Keep your surroundings clean. If your locality isn’t clean, drop a complaint with the MCD or combine as a society to get it cleaned. • Send your child to school in full sleeve clothes and as parents ensure that the school is taking up measures to fight mosquito breeding within the school premises. • Avoid going to parks in the evenings during this period. • Ensure fogging is done by concerned authorities time to time to kill mosquitoes around your locality. Being safe is the key. If you experience any of the symptoms for any of these diseases in you or your family members, immediately take them to the nearest health care centre to fight it at the earliest. As long as you wait, the case may get severe. Bansal Global Hospital is on alert mode this season and is constantly striving to decrease the number of cases and eradicate it in the earliest stage. But it’s only possible when every one of us join hands and fight it! Don’t let a small mosquito ruin your health. Stay safe, stay healthy!
Multi-speciality Bansal Global Hospital organising their next free health camp on 28th May with best Orthopaedic doctor, best Gynae doctor, best child specialist, best general physician, best skin doctor......Free health check up.
BANSAL GLOBAL HOSPITAL super specialty hospital 50 bedded Government approved running 24 hrs emergency/ Lab/ X-ray latest facilities with all advance treatment Delivery/ cesarean /All type of Operations including laproscopic/ Nursery with ventilator/ ICU/ Ac delux rooms Superspecialist Orthopedician Gynaecologist Pediatrician Medicine Surgery Eye ENT Skin Oncosurgeon Gastrosurgeon Laparoscopic surgeon Urologist Pediatric surgeon Avail free health check up (BP SUGAR ECG) absolutely FREE from 10-1pm daily Address -C10 Ramgarh near Jahangirpuri Metro Station Pillar No 130 GT KARNAL road Dr Suresh Bansal Dr Bimla Bansal ex Hindu Rao Hosp Dr Neha Bansal Ph 9911062832 , 9818377428
5 Important Steps To Fight Cough in Children. Coughing is a common issue seen in adolescent age group. It could be due to various reasons such as allergic reaction, pollution, and change in season or any other infection. When any foreign material enters the respiratory system, it produces cough in order to get rid of it. Hence no harm is caused in the lungs. Though coughing is a defence mechanism of the body but it can cause severe discomfort in children and hinder their normal day to day activities. Here are few ways to minimise cough in children: Increase general immunity Our general immunity plays a major role in keeping our body free from diseases. If you frequently fall ill that means your child’s immunity is low. Proper diet and mild exercises can help in getting it back and keep your children away from infections that may cause cough and cold. Vaccine It is necessary to get your child vaccinated for whooping cough or diphtheria. DTaP vaccine is developed to protect child against Diphtheria Pertussis and Tetanus making it an important vaccine for neonates. See an experienced vaccination doctor to know about other vaccinations your child might require. Use facemask Due to increasing pollutants and other suspended particulate matters in the air, cough and allergies have grown more common in metro cities. Other than this continued construction activities are contributing to the problem. If you live in a highly polluted area it is mandatory for your child’s health to wear face mask. Charcoal coated face mask can also be given to children if they are allergic to dust. Avoid pollutants Though it is next to impossible but it is a good idea to stay indoors during high pollution time like after noon and during winter season to avoid getting frequent cough problems. Growing plants in your locality can help in reducing pollution. Use humidifiers and air purifiers at home to keep your house pollutant free. These are some self practicing steps which you can go for if the intensity of cough is low, but if it worsens, you need to consult a child specialist for proper medications for your children. Also, don’t ignore coughing for long time, even though it is mild. It can be a symptom of dangerous diseases like Tuberculosis. And as they say, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. About Bansal Global Hospital A world class private hospital located in North-West Delhi, the Bansal Global Hospital offers the best treatment possible and care to its patients round the clock (24×7). The multi-specialty Bansal Global Hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from simple day-case procedures to complex surgeries, blood and other tests in our state of the art pathology lab, digital X-rays, inpatient facilities. The hospital has dedicated inpatient facility, with all fully air-conditioned ensuite rooms. Our staff offer high quality services to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible in private and discrete facilities. Address: Bansal Global Hospital C-10 Ramgarh, , Near Jahangirpuri Metro Station, Delhi, 110033 Bansal Fracture, Gynae and Kids Clinic, E-1086 Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Neo Kidz Clinic, C-38 Raj Nagar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Tel: 9911062832 Dr Suresh Bansal – Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Bimla Bansal – Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Neha Bansal – Child Specialist Like us on Facebook, Twitter Facilities, Facilities in Pitampura, Facilities in NCR, Facilities in Shalimar Bagh, Facilities in Rohini, Facilities in Azadpur, Facilities in Bansal Global Hospital Paediatrics (Baby, Children), Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in Pitampura, Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in NCR, Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in Shalimar Bagh, Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in Rohini, Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in Azadpur, Paediatrics (Baby, Children) in Bansal Global Hospital, New born doctor, New born doctor in Pitampura, New born doctor in NCR, New born doctor in Shalimar Bagh, New born doctor in Rohini, New born doctor in Azadpur, New born doctor in Bansal Global Hospital, Bansal Global Hospital Read More :
Pediatricians Looking for best pediatricians or specialist doctor for your newly born baby or child care nearby your area, then why worried, Dr Neha Bansal who has vast experience for Newly born baby and who is child specialist...So feel free to call us 01127636400 Best Child Specialist in Rohini, Child Specialist in Rohini, , Child Specialist in Jahangirpuri, Child Specialist in Azadpur
Next free Multispeciality Health camp on Sunday, 28 May at multi speciality Bansal Global Hospital near Jahangir Puri metro station. We welcome all patients, doctors, charities, NGOs, communities to join us on 28 May for the health camp at Bansal Global Hospital Best hospital in Azadpur Best hospital in Majlis Park Best hospital in Shalimar Bagh Best hospital in Rohini Best hospital in Badli Best hospital in Narela Best hospital on G T Road
How to stay safe from the Dengue? The mosquito-borne disease, Dengue fever, has proved to be fatal to too many lives in the recent past and continue to be so. Keeping in view the toll it can take on your life and health, it’s really important to keep ourselves informed and stay safe as much as possible. So, how can we scare Dengue away? The expert panel of Bansal Global Hospital answers to Dengue queries: Unlike other widespread diseases, unfortunately, there isn’t any vaccine yet that can offer immunization from Dengue fever. As the root cause of this disease is mosquitoes, the most you can do is to make your household and neighborhood mosquito-free. Here are a few tips from Bansal Global Hospital on how you can do so for dengue: • Don’t let water collect in open utensils or pots within the house or the terrace. • Make sure the society dustbin is regularly cleaned and disinfected. • Keep your air coolers clean by regularly cleaning the water and disinfecting it. • Keep the windows and doors properly closed to deter the entry of mosquitoes from outside. • Keep your toilet bowls covered. • Use mosquito repellents in the daytime as well. • Prefer mosquito nets at night, they are more effective and doesn’t cause any health hazards. • Keep your trash bins covered. That’s for your home and surroundings but it’s pretty obvious that one can’t seclude himself to stay away from Dengue. What’s to be done when going out? Here are some things you can keep in mind while going out: • While the disease is widespread, prefer full sleeves and full length clothes to protect from mosquito bites. This needs to be strictly followed in case of children going to school or outside for any other engagements. • Use mosquito repellent creams to protect your exposed skin. • You can also use fabric roll-ons available now-a-days. • Avoid visiting dingy places or market places with too much crowd. • For children, make sure their school(s) is taking proper measures to repel mosquitoes in the classrooms and school premises. What makes Dengue more deadly is that there is no clear treatment once it’s severe. The best step therefore is to prevent it from occurring at the first place. By being a little vigilant and adjusting your lifestyle for a period of time can keep you and your family away from the disease. Bansal Global Hospital Address: Ramgarh, Bhalswa Jahangirpuri, Jahangirpuri, Delhi, 110033 T: 9911062832
A free child health camp was organized by Neo Kidz Clinic, Pitampura on 29-July-2017 at 10:00 to 11:30 AM. The camp was organized and managed by our experienced and competent pediatrician, Dr. Neha Bansal and was a great success! More than (number) children turned up with their parents to go for a regular check up. During the camp, it was found that even children who seem to be normally healthy can also be under influence of germs and bacteria which takes time to show up and can be dangerous to the health of the child. Therefore, even minutest discomfort identified by your child must not be ignored for long. To be on the safer side, always go for regular check up(s) at a good child care center. Dr. Neha Bansal is also available for appointment at Bansal Global Hospital and have prior experience in child health care starting from the very day they are born. All latest amenities required for child examination and relevant vaccinations are also available at the hospital.