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Why Kids are fussy eaters nowadays and how to tackle it? Read on for kids eating problems It happens more than once that the parent are struggling with kids eating problems or their children trying to gobble up their food. And curious enough, you think they are being extra as your parents didn’t do the same and still you are doing quite healthy. Once you go through the same stage of parenting, it comes up as a flashback and you realize Kids have become fussier with their food than ever! So, what’s it that makes Kids binge on processed and unhealthy food but picky even the barely visible ingredient that looks like a vegetable leading to Kids eating problems? Our child specialist Dr Neha Bansal answers in her next post on how to tackle Kids eating problems New Born Baby Clinic- India's Leading Kids Specialist Clinic Choosing the right doctor for your baby is an important decision, NEO KIDS CLinic North delhi's leading New born baby clinic in Rohini, Dr Neha Bansal Best New Born Baby Clinic in Rohini / Pitampura /Model Town /Ashok Vihar Kids Clinic in Rohini /Pitampura / Model Town /Ashok Vihar Child Specialist Doctor in Rohini / MOdel Town /Ashok Vihar / Pitampura
Pregnancy sure is a demanding state, not only psychologically but also physically. The body is adapting itself to nurture a baby within itself, so it’s important to ensure adequate nutrition is being supplied to the mother and to the developing fetus. To meet the extra requirements of the fetus, the mother needs extra food and nutrients. But that doesn’t mean one would gobble up everything that comes on the way, as is generally practiced in Indian societies. The below guide will help you prepare a much-balanced diet for you, making sure you are getting sufficient nutrients during various stages of your pregnancy. Normally, a non-pregnant, non-lactating woman requires 1900kcal each day as a part of a healthy diet. When pregnant, the requirement increases to +600kcal, i.e. 2500kcal each day. You can divide your food accordingly but make sure to follow the healthy rules by Bansal Global Hospital: Choose food from different food groups: You might like some things better than the other but make sure you include food from different food groups. In a day, you need to have: About 9 servings of cereals and millets. (Of 30-35gms each) 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. (100gm each) 5 portions of milk and milk products. (100gm each) 2 portions of pulses (30gm each) 1 portion of meat, egg, etc. (30gm) 5 portions of fats and sugars. (10gm each) Take extra care of hygiene: It is very important to take extra care of hygienic. Make sure the food is prepared under hygienic conditions in the kitchen and fruits and vegetables are washed properly before use as harmful bacteria like Listeria and Toxoplasmagondii present in them can contaminate the food. Make sure the food is thoroughly cooked: Pregnant women are exceedingly prone to salmonella infections. Therefore, food must be cooked properly before serving, especially, poultry, eggs, and meat. Balance your cravings: Even though it’s normal to have cravings during this period, don’t indulge yourself in having too much of junk or unhygienic food preparations. Spicy foods should also be avoided. If you are having cravings for inedible items like clay, soil, chalk, etc. you must consult your gynecologist immediately. Take proper supplements: Apart from the diet you take, it’s important to take up some supplements to cover up energy requirements. Normally Vitamin A supplements are given to pregnant women. De-warming supplements are also advised in some cases. It is advised to keep in constant touch with your gynecologist with regular checkups. Take supplements only on the medical recommendation of your gynecologist, as different bodies demand different medication. There are some particular precautionary measures/tips; you will need to follow according to the stage of pregnancy you are going through. Here’s what you need to be aware of when it comes to food habits during pregnancy: Complete Dietary Recommendation Guide for Pregnant Women First Trimester Take a small amount of food frequently: As the body changes, you will need to be careful to accommodate those changes to your body. Taking a small amount of food at a time will reduce a feeling of nausea and sickness that pregnant woman often feels at this stage. Take adequate Calcium: Increase the intake of calcium foods in your diet (dairy foods) as it encourages healthy bone development which is very important for your changing body. Second Trimester Increase Iron Intake: Iron is an essential component for the growth of red blood cells. Generally, women should take iron rich food throughout their pregnancy but it should be more during the second trimester as the baby is developing its own supply of red blood cells. Vitamin C intake: To absorb the excess Iron in your body, you will require eating Vitamic C rich foods like berries, kiwi, broccoli, and citrus fruits. Third Trimester Avoid acidic food: Heart burn is one of the symptoms you often feel during this stage as the baby gets bigger and puts pressure on the mother’s body. To reduce it, you might want to avoid the intake of acidic food in your diet. As an end note, remember it is not only until delivery that you need to follow a healthy diet, it’s equally, if not more, important as it was during your pregnancy. Your body needs to replenish post-partum and you also need to lactate well to feed your baby. Therefore, ensure that you continue your healthy diet even after the delivery.
6 Most Common Misconceptions about Pregnancy. As it often turns out, the moment someone gets the news that you are pregnant, there comes a rain of advices! Of course, some of them are well meaning, but the best advice you can get is don’t follow any amateur’s advice. Moreover, the chain of this opinion giving has so much impact, that there are a few things which have eventually held their place for being true, even when they aren’t. In this segment, BGH brings you the 10 most common misconceptions about Pregnancy you need to stop believing. Number 1: You should now eat for two. Explanation: An absolute no. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should be gobbling up food all the time because you are now ‘double’. That’s not true. Yes, you need to take some extra calories for proper development of the baby but that doesn’t mean you should be eating twice over. To know your diet better, click here. (Provide the link for pregnancy diet article) Number2: You should be at complete rest during pregnancy. Explanation: Many Indian families go crazy when any member of the family is pregnant. Well, that’s their way of showing love and that’s totally fine until they make you bed ridden all the time. Moving around and exercising (at expert recommendation) is in fact good for your mental and physical well being. It also helps keep a check on your weight gain. So, it’s completely healthy to take a stroll or two in the mornings and evenings and further exercise to keep you fit. Number3: You can determine the sex of the baby by the way shape of your stomach. Explanation: It is believed that if a woman is carrying low it is a boy and if she is carrying high, it’s a girl. This conception has no scientific basis. The shape of your belly depends on the position of fetus and your muscle size and structure. It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby. Number4: If you suffer from heartburn, you will have a hairy baby. Explanation: It is a common myth that if a woman suffers from heartburn, the baby will be born with lots of hair. It’s far from true. Heartburn is one of the common conditions during pregnancy. You should avoid spicy food to get rid of it. If it’s excessive, you need to book an appointment with your doctor instead of waiting for a hairy baby! Number5: You should not eat papayas during pregnancy. Explanation: You can have papayas during pregnancy but it should be a fully ripe papaya. In fact, ripe papayas are good source of Vitamin C and E. It also contributes in adding fibre and folic acid to your diet. However, unripe papayas are harmful as it has some substances which can cause uterine contractions and create complications. Nowadays, the excessive use of chemicals to ripen fruits faster make it difficult to identify a naturally ripen papaya. Therefore, doctors don’t openly advice to have it in your diet. Number6: Eating certain foods can make your baby dark or fair. Explanation: Some people believe that taking caffeine or iron supplements can make your baby dark and consuming saffron can make it fair. That’s not true. Even though caffeine is generally to be avoided during your pregnancy days (can take small amounts after medical checkup), iron is important for your body. Also, saffron cannot make your baby fairer. The color of the baby depends on the genes of the parents only. There are many other myths and misconceptions that follow but the best way to differentiate and take the best decision is by consulting your gynecologist! If you doubt anything, don’t decide over your instincts and book an appointment at the earliest.
New Born Baby Specialist Newborn care specialists are called upon to help new parents care for their newborns, Newborn care specialists typically come into the home for several weeks after a child is born and help the parents develop healthy eating, sleeping and care routines.Knowing what to expect when you have a newborn can ease the anxiety that every new parent feels and give you confidence as you bond with your new baby. For more information come to our hospital Bansal Global Hosiptal New Born Baby Specialist in Rohini, New Born Baby Specialist in North Delhi
What causes the killer Dengue? Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne and carried disease caused by the dengue virus. Every year, hundreds of people suffer from the disease and many of them end up their lives fighting with the fever. As it has been always said, prevention is better than cure. And to prevent, you must know what causes it. Bansal Group of Hospitals, based on previous cases and data from other reliable sources, noted down some findings regarding the causes of dengue fever. The deadly dengue virus is mainly of four types. Once a patient is affected by one of the viruses, he/she is immune from that particular virus but is still prone to the other three. In fact, if a patient is affected by another dengue virus after recovering from one of the viruses, the risk of the condition being severe increases. It might lead to hemorrhagic fever. When a mosquito bites a person infected with dengue virus and again bites a healthy person, the virus is carried off to the healthy person as well. The risk is more for people living in tropical areas. The symptoms and signs normally take 10-15 days to show up after the mosquito bite(s). It is therefore recommended to households to keep a check on mosquito population in their surroundings. If one person is affected in a household or neighborhood, the infection can be carried by a bunch of mosquitoes. To keep the mosquitoes away is the only way to escape dengue fever. If any signs and symptoms of dengue fever show up, you must immediately take medical help to prevent it from getting severe. At Bansal Group of Hospitals, our expert medical team takes immediate steps to detect the virus and to mitigate the effect of the virus. For more information about signs and symptoms, check out our next blog.
Best Child Specialist Clinic : Are You Looking For Best and Experienced Doctor For Your New Born Baby or Child Near By Your Area ??? Come to Dr Neha Bansal , who Has Clinic in Rohini . Pediatrics is the branch of medicine that involves the medical care of infants, children, and ... Specialist, Pediatrician, Our child specialist Dr Neha Bansal answers in her next post on how to tackle Kids eating problems. Dr Neha Bansal - Best New Born Baby Clinic in Rohini / Pitampura /Model Town /Ashok Vihar Kids Clinic in Rohini / Pitampura / Model Town / Ashok Vihar Child Specialist Doctor in Rohini / Model Town / Ashok Vihar /
Time and again it is emphasized that mother’s milk is good for infants. But with the advent of so many artificial baby food products in the market, and as a part of marketing strategy, it is often advertised as nourishing and healthy for the child. But in reality, nothing can compensate for the nutrients and benefits of mother’s milk for the baby. Moreover, it’s not only the child that benefits from breastfeeding. The mother also gain a lot from it, however, it is seldom emphasized. Let’s have a quick look on the importance of breastfeeding for the mother and baby. Click on the link to read more: Paediatrics/ Paediatrician Clinic - New Born Baby /Child Care / Kids Clinic - Paediatrics is a field of medicine that really needs matchless expertise and skills as the doctors have to deal with infants and children. Neo Kids Clinic newborn care is one of our most popular support options for care! ... Highest Standard in Newborn Care from Birth Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, ... For more details Log on to our webiste - Best Pediatric Clinic in Rohini/ Top Paediatrics Clinic in North delhi / New Born Baby Clinic in Rohini/pitampura/Azadpur/Jahangirpuri
8 ways to live healthy life by Dr. Neha Bansal
Bansal Global Hospital celebrated the 71st Independence Day of India on August 15, 2017. The flag was hoisted by the Chairman, Dr. Suresh Bansal in the presence of all other doctors and staff of the BGH family. The hospital takes pride in how the country won its independence with the determination and sacrifice by not only the great leaders of India, but every common man who participated in the Independence struggle. We are immensely respectful towards the families who lost their members in the revolution. On this day, we remember everyone and pay our regards and gratitude for the difficulties of the time which made it possible for us to live in today’s free India. On this Independence Day, we pledge to do our part to make India free from diseases and illnesses as well. We understand our responsibility towards the society and constantly strive to reach our goal of making India disease free. Help us reach our goal by keeping a check of your surroundings and motivating people to get medical help at earlier stages to avoid severe situations. Bansal Globas Hospital wishes 70 years of Independence to all! Stay free, stay healthy! Jai Hind!