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what we can do to ensure mosquito free surroundings What can you do? As all these diseases root from mosquitoes, the main task is to bar it from reaching you. Though it’s quite impossible to be sure that you are free from mosquitoes everywhere, there are a few points you should remember to make sure you do your part. Let’s have a look on what we can do to ensure mosquito free surroundings: • Use mosquito repellents at home, especially after the sunset when mosquitoes are most active. Dengue mosquitoes bite during the day so it’s most practical to be on alert then as well. • For infants or small kids, continuous exposure to repellents can be harmful. Use mosquito nets for them and keep them dresses in full sleeves clothes. • Dry your coolers or regularly clean it with a spoonful of kerosene or other mosquito repellent oils available in the market. • Don’t let water collect in pots or old tyres/utensils on your rooftop or abandoned part of the house. • Keep your surroundings clean. If your locality isn’t clean, drop a complaint with the MCD or combine as a society to get it cleaned. • Send your child to school in full sleeve clothes and as parents ensure that the school is taking up measures to fight mosquito breeding within the school premises. • Avoid going to parks in the evenings during this period. • Ensure fogging is done by concerned authorities time to time to kill mosquitoes around your locality. Being safe is the key. If you experience any of the symptoms for any of these diseases in you or your family members, immediately take them to the nearest health care centre to fight it at the earliest. As long as you wait, the case may get severe. Bansal Global Hospital is on alert mode this season and is constantly striving to decrease the number of cases and eradicate it in the earliest stage. But it’s only possible when every one of us join hands and fight it! Don’t let a small mosquito ruin your health. Stay safe, stay healthy!
How to stay safe from the Dengue? The mosquito-borne disease, Dengue fever, has proved to be fatal to too many lives in the recent past and continue to be so. Keeping in view the toll it can take on your life and health, it’s really important to keep ourselves informed and stay safe as much as possible. So, how can we scare Dengue away? The expert panel of Bansal Global Hospital answers to Dengue queries: Unlike other widespread diseases, unfortunately, there isn’t any vaccine yet that can offer immunization from Dengue fever. As the root cause of this disease is mosquitoes, the most you can do is to make your household and neighborhood mosquito-free. Here are a few tips from Bansal Global Hospital on how you can do so for dengue: • Don’t let water collect in open utensils or pots within the house or the terrace. • Make sure the society dustbin is regularly cleaned and disinfected. • Keep your air coolers clean by regularly cleaning the water and disinfecting it. • Keep the windows and doors properly closed to deter the entry of mosquitoes from outside. • Keep your toilet bowls covered. • Use mosquito repellents in the daytime as well. • Prefer mosquito nets at night, they are more effective and doesn’t cause any health hazards. • Keep your trash bins covered. That’s for your home and surroundings but it’s pretty obvious that one can’t seclude himself to stay away from Dengue. What’s to be done when going out? Here are some things you can keep in mind while going out: • While the disease is widespread, prefer full sleeves and full length clothes to protect from mosquito bites. This needs to be strictly followed in case of children going to school or outside for any other engagements. • Use mosquito repellent creams to protect your exposed skin. • You can also use fabric roll-ons available now-a-days. • Avoid visiting dingy places or market places with too much crowd. • For children, make sure their school(s) is taking proper measures to repel mosquitoes in the classrooms and school premises. What makes Dengue more deadly is that there is no clear treatment once it’s severe. The best step therefore is to prevent it from occurring at the first place. By being a little vigilant and adjusting your lifestyle for a period of time can keep you and your family away from the disease. Bansal Global Hospital Address: Ramgarh, Bhalswa Jahangirpuri, Jahangirpuri, Delhi, 110033 T: 9911062832
Beware of Mosquito ! Advice By-Dr.Neha Bansal in Bansal Global Hospital Beware of that mosquito! There’s a saying in Hindi which translates to “Don’t judge over the size.” Right now, as the situations are in the capital, the saying is painfully apt for the deadly mosquitoes around. Even though the size is barely enough to be noticed by a bare eye, the destruction is immense. There are two seasons in the year when mosquitoes have their war on. The first is towards the end of winter and advent of spring, and second, the deadliest, is right now, towards the end of monsoon. There are in general three pandemic diseases which are spread around the city, some of them solely caused by mosquitoes and some carried and spread by them. Some of them are: 1. Dengue: Dengue fever is a tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Click on the relevant link to know more about causes of dengue, symptoms and treatment, and how you can stay safe from it. (There are three articles on these topics, provide hyperlinks to those) 2. Chikungunya: Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne viral disease which is transmitted and human to human thorough infected mosquitoes. 3. Malaria: Another deadly disease caused by mosquitoes caused by Plasmodium parasite. The terror of all these diseases on the population of Delhi can be easily determined by picking up the daily newspaper reporting the number of severe cases registered every day. Why you should be concerned? If you are living in Delhi, or any of the crowded cities, you need to be concerned for you are in the risk zone. Don’t ignore anything around you thinking that it’s far and won’t reach to you. To save you from the epidemic to hit your doors, the first step is to be concerned about it and aware yourself about prevention, care, and cure.
All you need to know about Chikungunya! All you need to know about Chikungunya! Chikungunya is a mosquito borne viral disease caused by the Chikungunya Virus.The virus is typically spread by two types of mosquitoes namely Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti and bite normally in the day time, but you can’t be very sure. Keeping in view the increasing terror of Chikungunya in Delhi, Bansal Global Hospital brings to you all that you need to know about Chikungunya: Some important points you should know: The disease has some common symptoms with dengue and zika virus which can lead to misdiagnosis and therefore wrong line of treatment. Make sure you are considering the advice of specialty doctors to avoid such incidences which can be life threatening. As a matter of fact, there is no recognized cure of the diseases. The treatment is meant to relieve the patients from the symptoms. The disease is wide spread in Africa, Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. It can reoccur unlike other viral diseases which provide immunity against itself. Symptoms: The symptoms of Chikungunya usually show within 2-12 days after the exposure to the virus, which can be from various mediums. The general symptoms include: Sudden onset of fever. Joint pain, which usually lasts even after the disease is cured. It can even stay on till years. Headache and Nausea. Small red spots/rashes all over the body. Diagnosis: Visit your nearest specialty health care centre if you see any of the symptoms. Tell your doctor about your recent travels, which might include an affected place. The doctor after studying the symptoms, will recommend a few blood tests to check if it is normal flu, dengue, or Chikungunya. You will then be advised rest and medication accordingly. Treatment: There is no vaccine yet discovered to provide immunity against the disease. Though few points help in reducing the symptoms: Be at complete rest. Drink lots of water and other fluids to keep yourself hydrated. If you are no alternated medication for any other ailment, inform your doctor about it before taking additional drugs. Take medicines prescribed by the doctor to get rid of fever and pain. Prevention: As the disease is mosquito-borne and is spread by mosquitoes only, the only way to protect yourself is to stay away from mosquitoes. You should keep in mind the following points: Close windows in the evening. Use mosquito repellents or mosquito nets while sleeping. Avoid going to crowded places during the outbreak. Don’t let water collect in pots and old utensils. Clean and dry your water coolers regularly. All of this information should be spread among friends and family as well. Awareness makes you conscious of your surrounding and keeps you away from probable danger. Don’t let yourself or your dear ones fall into the trap of Chikungunya. A aware person is a safe person after all !
What causes the killer Dengue? Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne and carried disease caused by the dengue virus. Every year, hundreds of people suffer from the disease and many of them end up their lives fighting with the fever. As it has been always said, prevention is better than cure. And to prevent, you must know what causes it. Bansal Group of Hospitals, based on previous cases and data from other reliable sources, noted down some findings regarding the causes of dengue fever. The deadly dengue virus is mainly of four types. Once a patient is affected by one of the viruses, he/she is immune from that particular virus but is still prone to the other three. In fact, if a patient is affected by another dengue virus after recovering from one of the viruses, the risk of the condition being severe increases. It might lead to hemorrhagic fever. When a mosquito bites a person infected with dengue virus and again bites a healthy person, the virus is carried off to the healthy person as well. The risk is more for people living in tropical areas. The symptoms and signs normally take 10-15 days to show up after the mosquito bite(s). It is therefore recommended to households to keep a check on mosquito population in their surroundings. If one person is affected in a household or neighborhood, the infection can be carried by a bunch of mosquitoes. To keep the mosquitoes away is the only way to escape dengue fever. If any signs and symptoms of dengue fever show up, you must immediately take medical help to prevent it from getting severe. At Bansal Group of Hospitals, our expert medical team takes immediate steps to detect the virus and to mitigate the effect of the virus. For more information about signs and symptoms, check out our next blog.
The Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne disease, and over the years, it has become an increasingly common problem in developing nations. Our expert doctors at Bansal Global Hospital and Child Specialist at Neo Kidz Clinic have expertise to treat dengue. The dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus, which is carried by the Aedes Mosquito. While it has been observed that the dengue fever is treatable with proper medical care, it can be fatal if it goes untreated. It is advisable to get yourself checked for dengue at Bansal Global Hospital in Azadur, Keval Park, Narela, Badli or Neo Kidz Clinic in Pitampura, Rohini, Punjabi Bagh if you are experiencing one or more symptoms.
Bansal Global Hospital treats Dengue. Dengue is spread by infected mosquitoes which bite most often early in the morning or in the early evening before dusk. Make sure there are no stagnant water sources which are common in built-up areas, such as wells, water storage tanks or old car tyres. Dengue isn't spread from person to person. If you are not feeling well, contact our best paediatrician or general physician to take clinical advice. Dr Neha Bansal, Child Specialist 099110 52494 ⁠ General Physician and other problems 9818377428
Bansal Global Hospital celebrated the 71st Independence Day of India on August 15, 2017. The flag was hoisted by the Chairman, Dr. Suresh Bansal in the presence of all other doctors and staff of the BGH family. The hospital takes pride in how the country won its independence with the determination and sacrifice by not only the great leaders of India, but every common man who participated in the Independence struggle. We are immensely respectful towards the families who lost their members in the revolution. On this day, we remember everyone and pay our regards and gratitude for the difficulties of the time which made it possible for us to live in today’s free India. On this Independence Day, we pledge to do our part to make India free from diseases and illnesses as well. We understand our responsibility towards the society and constantly strive to reach our goal of making India disease free. Help us reach our goal by keeping a check of your surroundings and motivating people to get medical help at earlier stages to avoid severe situations. Bansal Globas Hospital wishes 70 years of Independence to all! Stay free, stay healthy! Jai Hind!
WHY IS DENGUE SPREADING ? 1. Population Growth 2. Poor Sanitation 3. Changing Virus Transmission Dynamics 4. Large Mosquito Population 5. Lack of Political Attention and Resources 6. Inappropriate Spraying of Insecticides 8. Changing Lifestyles 9. Insecticide Resistance 10. Population Mobility 11. Increased Urbanizayion Bansal Global Hospital Neo Kidz Clinic 9911052494, 9818377428