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Why Self-medication can be dangerous? As an effect of our surroundings, it is almost every day that someone from our family or friends falls ill or at least is feeling unwell or restless for some reason or the other. And as a human nature of accepting anything happening repeatedly as common and every-day, we are getting more and more used to ignoring these. And it explains why more and more people are moving towards self-medication. But it’s not the only reason. With Google answering questions at our fingertips, we think our illnesses can also be cured by it. With same symptoms showing, we conclude that it’s the same illness or disease and use same medicines used last time or on another person. There are other reasons as well. The main understanding here is that people do not think twice before taking self-medication but it can be really harmful and even dangerous for our health. Let’s try to reason the same. Even though Google is full of information and even answers quite a few doubts on your health, it cannot examine what’s going on in your body. There are many implications that the Doctor knows of and can rightly judge which Google simply isn’t capable of doing. Moreover, medicine companies can really control the SEO of these sites you check and hence promoting the sale of their medicines without actually going through the expert judgment of medical supervisors. Coming to next big reason, showing of same symptoms doesn’t mean same medicines will work. For example, fever can be because of virus infection, because of stress, or any other cause which only your Doctor can identify. Similarly, something that works on person of one built, age, and gender, might not work on the other. It is for the Doctor to decide. Our specialist team at Bansal Global Hospital agrees of the fact that a good number of patients they examine day-to-day are reaching them at stages when self-medication has already done much harm. Therefore, it is really important to consult a Doctor before taking any kind of medicines. We, at Bansal Global hospital, are available 24×7 to serve you. For appointments and other information, please click here. Address: Bansal Global Hospital C-10 Ramgarh, , Near Jahangirpuri Metro Station, Delhi, 110033 Bansal Fracture, Gynae and Kids Clinic, E-1086 Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Neo Kidz Clinic, C-38 Raj Nagar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Tel: 9911062832 Dr Suresh Bansal – Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Bimla Bansal – Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Neha Bansal – Child Specialist
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